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SEEN commitment to adhere to the “No Gift Policy” 18/8/2566 20:49:45 127
SEEN-UP, announced "No Gift Policy" for the organization. 22/2/2567 14:49:54 27
SEEN focuses to facilitate sustainable organization development (OD: Organization Development). 30/5/2566 16:42:10 135
The kickoff meeting of a project focused on conducting a case-based analysis of greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural sector. 16/8/2566 9:48:49 120
SEEN, Encounter the Freshmen 2023 16/8/2566 18:00:56 113
The SEEN students chosen to the energy science training course 16/8/2566 18:06:43 112
SEEN conducting training course in pipe products, fittings and installation for building sanitation 16/8/2566 18:12:12 125
The SEEN students possess "GIS Skills for Future Engineering Practice" 16/8/2566 18:17:01 109
SEEN, Collab the Chiang Rai City Municipality and The Riverie by Katathani Hotel, organized the Chiang Rai City Environment Day. 16/8/2566 18:24:03 113
SEEN is host a training "Utilizing SketchUp in Environmental Engineering" 16/8/2566 18:30:37 116
SEEN strives to the processing of agricultural products through the cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches. 16/8/2566 18:35:05 117
SEEN students exchanging knowledge and exploring advancements in energy science. 16/8/2566 18:39:13 112
"Youth, University of Phayao Volunteer for Environmental Development," recognized the gold standard criteria. 16/8/2566 18:42:59 111
SEEN, Presenting the advancements on project “Ong Manpu Product Development" 16/8/2566 18:45:55 119
Student Club-SEEN, organized "Wai Kru"; pay respect, express gratitude and foster identity of UP Students. 16/8/2566 18:52:21 109
SEEN collab. EEAT delivered an enlightening of "Turning Wastewater and Waste to Energy with Anaerobic Process." for supporting from the Environment … 16/8/2566 18:55:48 109
SEEN Researcher participated in sharing the innovative research findings aimed at addressing drought challenges 16/8/2566 18:57:38 106
SEEN research team completion the project “Development of Technology for Producing Sound-Reducing Panels from rice and corn husks to EGAT. 16/8/2566 18:59:04 106
SEEN- to achieve the esteemed gold standard award, the "Youth of Phayao University Environment Development Volunteers" project 16/8/2566 19:00:39 106
SEEN- UP signing MOU, to enhance academic collaboration, research, and academic services with TMD. 16/8/2566 19:02:01 114
SEEN hosting the President and UP Administrators towards achieving "university with Carbon neutrality" 23/8/2566 16:39:08 106
SEEN – PH, integrated teaching and learning in soil and water sampling in dry dipterocarp forest ecosystem of UP 23/8/2566 16:40:45 110
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Blue Spira, from laboratory to the Transaction by Asst. Prof. Dr. Rattaphoom Prommana 18/8/2566 16:57:59
Notable! Air pollution and mental health problems in children by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teerachai Amnuaylojaroen 28/8/2566 16:38:35